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Youth & Family Ministry

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Every Sunday at 10:00 and 11:30 A.M.

Centre for Spiritual Living, Edmonton

We are a ministry that is filled with devoted individuals who hold the sacred space for each child's unfoldment of consciousness. We practice spirituality utilizing the inspiring and fun curriculum created by Centers for Spiritual Living that nurtures the expression of creativity through spiritual practice, music, art and play.

Nursery - 1st and 2nd Service

Under 4 years of age. Childcare is provided by qualified, caring individuals. Please take the door at the front of the santuary on the left, follow the hallway and the signs to the stairs. Once down the stairs, the nursery is immediately on your left. You can park your stroller at the top of the stairs temporarily, if you like. If you are dropping children off at Kosmic Kids (read below), you can also access the nursery from the Kosmic Kids room -- ask a volunteer to show you the way!

KOSMIC KIDS - 1st and 2nd Service

Kindergarten to age 8. Through storytelling, games, crafts and free play a space for imagination is created that is safe, loving and affirming. Time together is engaging and FUN, affirming the unique gifts and talents of each person and reminding the youth every week that they are prefect and beautiful expressions of God. Each class begins with a short affirming spiritual practice with the intention of making a conscious connection with God as we understand God. The focus is on God as love, peace, beauty, joy, life, power and light in and through all people and all life. The classes are experiential, and may include exercises, some yoga stretching, crafts, story telling, role play, games, music and meditation using the CSL curriculum.

Check in at the downstairs classroom (use the door at the front of the sanctuary, on the right, then go downstairs). You are welcome to stay with your children until they feel comfortable!

TWEENS – Pre-Teens - Looking for a facilitator

Ages 8 to 12. The developmental age and stage of tweens is respected as they are maturing into their own personal identity and their relationship to their understanding of Spirit or God. Age appropriate experiential exercises are incorporated each week. The classes are designed to empower each youth engaging in group discussion and personal reflection to the concepts introduced. Real life, personal examples and teachable moments add to the experiential nature of the lessons that may include yoga, stretching, crafts, story-telling, role play, games, music and meditation that uses The Center for Spiritual Living curriculum. Preteens have opportunities to learn and practice SEVA (selfless service to others). Teens from the Centre’s Teen Group help facilitate the Tweens building a connection to the older youth at the Centre.

Please take the door at the front of the sanctuary on the left, follow the hallway and the signs to the Solarium.

TEEN GROUP Grade 7 to 12 (13 to 18) - Sunday Second Service

Teen group is fun! Each teen group evening includes a variety of activities which are experiential and workshop based. The Teens and their leaders create and develop the workshops and activities at weekend teen workshop training camps creating relevant and real life topics that are alive in their individual experiences. Their growth, insights and self expression occur in a safe, loving environment, created by the teens themselves, as they deeply care and support each other in finding their passions and purpose.

Please also visit the Teen Group website.