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Spiritual Partnership

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The Centre for Spiritual Living Edmonton Practitioner Program is comprised of dedicated individuals who have committed themselves to a way of life that is cultivated in a daily spiritual practice of affirmative prayer, meditation and compassionate service. They continually affirm that there is oneness in all life. This is their mission and calling. A practitioner guides an individual in exploring spiritual principles and in knowing only wholeness.

Whether meeting one-on-one with a Practitioner or Practitioner Intern, attending Healing Services on Sundays or placing a request form in the Prayer Request box, members and friends of our Centre have come to appreciate deeply the quality of this spiritual work and the resulting positive experiences.

Healing Services

Each Sunday Practitioners provide affirmative prayer in the front of the Sanctuary after the Sunday lesson.  Affirmative Prayer Request Forms ("An opportunity for you") are also available in the Sunday program. Each prayer request will be honored and spoken by the Minister or Practitioner facilitating the service.

Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative prayer is one of the most important spiritual tools taught by Centers for Spiritual Living. We teach the art, science, and skill of Affirmative Prayer and have trained Practitioners, who are available to pray with you or for you.

You may use Affirmative Prayer to help transform your own life, that of a child or young person, a family member, or anyone else in need.

Affirmative Prayer is a simple process. It requires the persistence to think in ways that will naturally and lawfully, create what we desire. It's praying the way Jesus of Nazareth prayed; it's praying as the Buddha prayed. It's using the spiritual laws of this Universe to manifest the experience we desire in our lives. Once you know more about these Universal Laws, it's simple to practice using them. And they can be summed up with the phrase “It is done unto you as you believe.”