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Vision for Small Groups

We are a spiritual community where everyone is strengthened, connected and cared for. Small groups is a way of doing spiritual community that allows for unprecedented care and connection and unlimited growth; a place where everyone is cared for by someone and no one needs to give care to more than ten people.

What is a Small Group?

A Small Group or Sacred Circle is a small (approximately 6 to 10 members), intimate group that meets regularly (weekly, semi-monthly or monthly) in one another's homes. Each Small Group has a Leader and a Leader In Training who provide guidance at the meetings and spiritual care of each of the group members. 

The intention of our Small Group Circles includes: 

*    Sharing authentic, meaningful conversation

*    Creating deep connection to each other 

*    Consistent, active participation in the Circle

*    Active ministry to each other and service to the larger community

*    Deepening spiritual practice

*    Learning from each other and study of New Though/Ancient Wisdom teachings

*    Joy and Laughter


Current Small Groups

The following groups have spots available for new people to join! Please check the back table or Concierge Table on a Sunday to find out more.

Open Groups

Sparkle & Shine

Together make our Centre gleam!

Power of Prayer (Wednesdays)

Every other Wednesday at 11:00 AM, we connect in spiritual practice, sharing, and chanting. We listen and support each other in affirmative prayer.

Power of Prayer (Thursdays)

Twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 11:00 AM, we connect in spiritual practice, sharing, and chanting. We listen and support each other in affirmative prayer.

Deepening Spiritual Practice

Our vision is to connect with one another while we deepen our spiritual practice. We meet every 2nd Saturday at 9:30 AM.

CSL 101

Are you New here? Connect with other new people at the Centre! Learn about Science of Mind, Religious Science and the Centre for Spiritual Living.  Discover “what we believe,” Practitioner and prayer support, how to be connected, and of service.  Learn the history of New Thought and the Centre.  Fun, informative and a shared experience with other new people with similar questions!


Our purpose is to provide the opportunity for hobbyists and amateurs to make music together, have FUN, lift the human spirit and develop a creative outlet! We plan to select 6 songs, have 6 to 8 jams, 2 hours in length and then hold a concert.

The Pastoral Care Team brings the presence of compassion and care to those in our spiritual community who are facing illness, death and dying, grief or loss. Team members visit members of our Centre at home or in hospital and provide daily affirmative prayer recognizing the spiritual principle of wholeness.

Concierge Table Small Group

Volunteer at the “center of the action” of our spiritual community.  Join our Concierge Table Team! We meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 8:45 AM.

John of God Crystal Bed Facilitators

We facilitate the Crystal Bed as a spiritual practice for oneself as we support others in and with love and grace. (Click here for more information about the Crystal Bed.)

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is comprised of dedicated spiritually grounded men and women in service to the Centre for Spiritual Living Edmonton. (Click here for more information about the Board of Trustees.)


Full Groups

Excellent Sunday Experience

Are you interested in helping us create a “powerful Sunday Experience” here at the Centre? Bring your ideas & participate in this small group!

Labyrinth Care as Spiritual Practice (Fridays)

Our purpose is to serve the Labyrinth Walk once a month. We meet at 6:00 PM on the FIRST Friday of each month.

Esther Hicks and Abraham

The purpose of this group is to discuss and learn from the teachings of Abraham.

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Connecting through play e.g. x-country skiing, skating, down-hill skiing and when weather is not conducive to outdoor activities…indoor games like scrabble, charades, theme suppers… As weather warms up, our activities will change!

Drawing and Watercolour

Allow your inner artist to come out! Our purpose is to expand, develop & refine our perceptions/ability to see through visual art. We meet every 2nd Monday at 1:00 PM.


** If there is no meeting time listed for the groups above, you can sign up and the faciliator will contact you to provide that and other relevant information. **


Start Your Own!

Do you have an idea for a small group that you don't see here in our list? Contact us about starting it. We offer facilitator training for all new leaders -- anyone can do it.

Types of Small Groups

Does your idea fit any of these broad categories for a small group?

*    Learning Circles - groups formed around learning

*    Sacred Service Teams - groups formed around the service to the Centre

*    Ministry Groups - groups formed around ministry (either to the Centre or to the world)

*    Affinity Circles - groups formed around common interest or hobbies


Questions? Call Sue Edwards at 780-469-1909 Ext 104. Her office hours are Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am to 4pm, or email her at sedwards [@]