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Prayer & Spiritual Partnering

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Spiritual Partnering

To make a phone or in-person appointment, please call 780-469-1909 ext 102.

What Is a Practitioner?

A Religious Science Practitioner is trained in the use of Science of Mind and Spirit principles and Spiritual Mind Treatment (our form of affirmative prayer). Following several years of study and testing, professional practitioners are licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living.

How Can a Practitioner Help Me?

A practitioner guides you in taking charge of your life through effective thinking and spiritual understanding. Providing a supportive atmosphere, the practitioner assists you in exploring your own power and potential. The relationship between you and your practitioner is one of professional confidentiality.

How Do I Select a Practitioner?

There are three avenues available to select a practitioner.

  • Call the 780-469-1909 to schedule an appointment with one of our Practitioners

  • Select a practitioner from the back of our Sunday bulletin

  • For a list of practitioners, Click Here

Is There a Fee for These Services?

As a viable and growing professional service of the Centre for Spiritual Living, we teach and model the Science of Mind and Spirit principle of the Law of Circulation—meaning what you give out comes back to you. Therefore, this situation does not mean “free” but rather what you can lovingly pay at this moment based on your income, the value you place on the support and guidance, and your growing consciousness around gratitude and the great good of life.

"The law of giving and receiving is definite.  It is only as we allow the Divine current to flow through us in and out, that we really express life."
Ernest Holmes, founder of The Science of Mind and Spirit