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Weekly talks given by Rev. Patrick for free download

We are a spiritual community that blesses all teachings and all spiritual teachers. We know that there is no wrong way to worship, whether it be lighting a candle, facing the east, burning incense, repeating a mantra, lighting a menorah, or offering prayer. We respect all the ways there are to draw closer to Spirit, for even though there may appear to be great differences in the path, the destination is the same.

As an expression of our community, the Spiritual Living Podcast offers you weekly messages on the principles and practice of spiritual living, delivered by Rev. Patrick Cameron and various guest speakers.

Each talk may be downloaded from this page by clicking the links that follow. Or you may choose to subscribe to this podcast and have each new talk downloaded automatically to your iPod or mp3 player.

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A Victorious Attitude, Our Soul's True Nature, and the Proof

Michael Beckwith said, "We are on the planet to be and express the Divine Love of God, that is alive in every fibre of our being, waiting to be released through us onto our world; living as love is a way of life that brings heaven on Earth."

A Victorious Attitude: To recognize the unlimited power of God brings victory to the soul. All problems begin and end with our own consciousness. We are as miserable or as creative and free as we decide to be. We begin to solve our problems at the point of origin when we are awake in our consciousness.

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Seeing with the Eyes of Love

This week, Dr. Patrick introduces Martin Luther King's idea of the Beloved Community, and what that means.

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We are the Spark of Life and Love

The soul is like a wild animal. It is very shy. It is not called into our life or our experience with loud noise. It is typically found in the quiet, in the depth of the forest where it lives. All it needs is a welcome, an invitation.

We have fallen asleep in the world of materialism. Without the soul's participation, we continue to want more and more. "The world is beginning to realize it has learned all it can and should through suffering and pain," says Dr. Ernest Holmes. "We are the drop of God in the ocean of God."

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Stopping, Being, Listening

Resolutions are the sign that we are ready to live our lives in a new way. The world commonly believes that thinking, planning, and doing are very important. And they certainly are important for getting things done in a linear way. But a better idea for connecting with ourselves and our joy is stopping, being, and listening. This leads to insight, clarity, and inspiration.

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A Place to Find Meaning and a Place to Belong

Our planet is now moving from mysticism to the higher wisdom of practical mysticism.

We choose to be on the path of resiliency. We can shape and direct our thoughts, our feelings, and our lives. We are not stuck. There is an Unseen Force with which we can develop a closer relationship. We take responsibility because we have created the place where we are right now. We can re-create and do something new, to create something that brings us to life. Life is not predetermined.

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Releasing and Creating Something New

After his miraculous self-healing, Dr. Joe Dispenza travelled the world to learn the common traits and beliefs of people who have had remarkable results. They all:

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Healing Through a Relationship with the Divine Mystery

Our founder Dr. Holmes said, "We need not be superstitious to be spiritually minded. Spiritual mindedness is a persistent and consistent attempt to feel the Divine everywhere, and in all things, and it is the capacity not only to believe in but also to perceive, to feel, and to react to a Unitary Wholeness, in essence an Infinite Personalness, a Beauty, a Love, and I also believe, a Laughter which exists in the universe. The Ultimate Reality, spirituality is normal, natural, spontaneous, effervescent, never difficult, and never withholding."

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An Inspired New Year

What a great way to start off a new year! Be inspired to bring your uniqueness, awesomeness, and special presence everywhere you go. Learn steps and practical tools to having the life you want, thriving, loving, and creating something new. It's the opposite of "I'll believe it when I see it"---Dr. Patrick helps us find a way to believe it first and then we will see it become our reality.

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The Gift You Are

Invoked or not, God is present.

We are about moving into leadership in a way that is powerful, that is spiritual. We are here, taking a stand, making a declaration to create a new reality, to move from resignation to new possibility. We need to learn to internalize our capacity for moving from resignation to new possibility. This is the soul experience. It is spiritual because it has to do with the human heart.

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