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Weekly talks given by Rev. Patrick for free download

We are a spiritual community that blesses all teachings and all spiritual teachers. We know that there is no wrong way to worship, whether it be lighting a candle, facing the east, burning incense, repeating a mantra, lighting a menorah, or offering prayer. We respect all the ways there are to draw closer to Spirit, for even though there may appear to be great differences in the path, the destination is the same.

As an expression of our community, the Spiritual Living Podcast offers you weekly messages on the principles and practice of spiritual living, delivered by Rev. Patrick Cameron and various guest speakers.

Each talk may be downloaded from this page by clicking the links that follow. Or you may choose to subscribe to this podcast and have each new talk downloaded automatically to your iPod or mp3 player.

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Priming the Pump

Like a mechanical pump which must be primed, so are our lives. We have to "give something up," such as when one pours water into the top of a pump to prime it. What does this mean in our spiritual lives?

It means we choose to pick things up energetically from a Higher Source. It means we take time to learn and to look at things until they have no more power over us. It means we do the releasing work we must do in order to grow. It means in order to have financial abundance, we tithe.

The key, as it is with everything, is the attitude, or consciousness, we act from.

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Believing in a Greater Future

As thinking beings, we have the capacity to futurize, to forecast events in our lives. But often, this gives us a constant state of stress, because our forecasting is one of doom and gloom, and this can lead to disease in our lives.

The challenge is to believe in a greater future compared to where we've come from.

If we have memorized negativity, lack and limitation, then those become our way of being. The shift requires willingness to step into a new possibility. If we don't take responsibility for our lives, who will? This requires more than positive thinking.

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Celebrating our Capacity for Change

This week, Rev. Patrick explores ideas around healing. For years, we have lived in wrong thought. Our thinking is undisciplined, so we fall into old patterns of experience. Hence we need spiritual practice. For example, with meditation, we are able to sit with what is bubbling up for us and look at it. Furthermore, through gratitude, we are able to shift our thoughts in a new direction.

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Six Tools for the Spiritual Journey

Preparation is an important part of the spiritual journey. So in today's talk, Rev. Patrick outlines six tools that help us to prepare: Meditation, education, circulation, service, affirmative prayer, and celebration.

Were we to fully undertake these practices, we would live today in a sense of confidence, peace, and joyful expectancy.

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Our Changeless Reality

Spirit is Changeless Reality. That which we call personality is the instrument through with Spirit operates. But Spirit can operate for the individual only by operating through him/her. The degree to which we open ourselves to that activity is the degree to which we experience shifts and changes toward our desired outcome.

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From Scared to Sacred

Our teaching is mystical and practical. It must be practical because mysticism is about living the Divine.

In his own life, Carmien Owen has begun engaging with the news as a spiritual practice, to apply the principles of our teaching to what others observe in the world. For example, regarding the latest major conflict in the news, he concludes: To presume that there must be violence to end violence in Syria, is to see Syrians as lesser than they truly are.

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The Most Important Principle and Practice in New Thought

Guest speaker Rev. Patrick Harbula speaks about the most important principle and practice in New Thought. Love: The quality, the principle, the experience, the practice of loving-kindness. All other principles come out of this one.

The energy of love that we feel is who we really are.

Who we really are, our natural state, is one of unconditional love and light flowing through us, unimpeded.

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Thermometer or Thermostat?

Our environment is so important. In it, are we the Thermometer or the Thermostat? When we move about in the world, are we simply absorbing the world's conditions, or are we an active blessing to the world around us?

Dr. Martin Luther King said, "We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality." In other words, there is no private good---my good is your good. We are tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all directly.

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