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Weekly talks given by Rev. Patrick for free download

We are a spiritual community that blesses all teachings and all spiritual teachers. We know that there is no wrong way to worship, whether it be lighting a candle, facing the east, burning incense, repeating a mantra, lighting a menorah, or offering prayer. We respect all the ways there are to draw closer to Spirit, for even though there may appear to be great differences in the path, the destination is the same.

As an expression of our community, the Spiritual Living Podcast offers you weekly messages on the principles and practice of spiritual living, delivered by Rev. Patrick Cameron and various guest speakers.

Each talk may be downloaded from this page by clicking the links that follow. Or you may choose to subscribe to this podcast and have each new talk downloaded automatically to your iPod or mp3 player.

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Change and Transformation

In an atypical talk about "recovery", special guest Ester Nicholson speaks about recovering that "real something" about us that may have gotten buried deep beneath the dust and grit of a challenging life journey. That something which is infinite, which is whole, which is complete, which is amazing. Recovery is about rediscovering our core essence, remembering that we are one with God, and then walking this world with a sexy swagger.

Begin with the affirmation: "I don't know crap!" Then we must decide to turn our life over to God.

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Being Wrong: How Does it Feel?

We are experts at wrong. The internal feeling of being right is not foolproof. Often, when we're feeling sure of ourselves, we're actually wrong. So the feeling of being wrong is what it feels like when we're feeling right.

Wrong is central to lifelong learning. Being wrong doesn't make us wrong---New technology, new ideas, and new insights come from being wrong. Wrong is bad when you think you're wrong. It's only bad if you think it's bad.

To accept our own fallibility is to entertain the possibility of another having a better idea that we can use.

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From Struggle to Ultimate Freedom

Why do we assume that life is going to be difficult?

Expect things to be easy. If we choose magic, we will approach every goal with the belief that its accomplishment will be effortless.

There is magic to be found in every situation. There is a blessing in everything. Our soul is creating the very situation that we are resisting in order that some greater freedom and joy can evolve from it.

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Jonah and the Whale of Paradox

We are all in relationship with the Infinite. But when we enter into relationship with the Infinite consciously, we are then not as in charge of our own lives anymore. The three days that Jonah spends in the belly of the whale represents the darkness and the mystery that our own lives plunge into sometimes. This tension between spirit and self exists, and it can grow so great as to cause us to abandon the spiritual path.

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The Awesome Nature of God

Happiness expert Elizabeth Manuel talks on the awesome nature of God.

Why talk about happiness?

We all have a happiness set point. It starts at birth and is evident in infancy. Fifty percent of how we feel can be lifted through our prayer and practices. This is the rewiring of our brains.

Nature is another key to happiness. We feel nurtured and safe in Nature. The ocean is healing. The sky is inspiring. The mountains are grounding, as are the trees.

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Waking Up to Possibility

It is not only moving that creates new starting points---Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective. -- Kristin Armstrong

Our perspectives are like a prism through which we filter the relationships and experiences of our lives.

Be grateful for everything that comes your way. Know that things don't happen to us, they just happen.

Wait to worry. Live your truth. Laugh often. Embrace change and be prepared for discomfort.

Happiness is a choice we make ahead of time. Touch your dreams. It's already there. Take time to smell the roses.

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The Lion Lies Down with the Lamb

Between 600 and 500 B.C., the prophet Isaiah wrote, "The wolf and the lamb shall lie down together..."

The lion and the lamb... We all have an inner lion and inner lamb. We cannot operate from one or the other all the time. True spiritual living is making a place for both the lion and the lamb to reside. The lamb is vulnerability, kindness, nurturing, but too much can put us into victimhood. The lion is the driven, hard-working side.

The lamb reminds us that it is okay to ask for affection, to ask for love. But we need the lion to get things done.

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Freedom to Tell Our Story

There is an integrity to your soul, such as you will find nowhere else in the universe. -- Ernest Holmes

There are two ways to tell our story: we can tell our story with anxiety and fear, or we can tell our story in the recognition that every decision we make takes us here to where we are now.

We must face the challenge. What matters most is how we see ourselves. "Freedom is acting from the truth of our nature." -- Rudolf Steiner

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Freedom to Worship

The world is beginning to realize that it has learned all it can through suffering and pain. -- Ernest Holmes

Today's talk revolves around the series of Norman Rockwell paintings known as "The Four Freedoms", which was inspired by the State of the Union address made by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941. The four freedoms are:

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Freedom: Why We Know It's For Us

Freedom is part of who we are. Why do we know freedom is for us?

We all have self-imposed limitations, however, when there are limitations there is opportunity.

"Find your own light." -- Buddha

"You are the light of the world." -- Jesus

The opportunity is ours to learn and to know in this moment so that we can move through the next threshold of beingness.

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