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Stopping, Being, Listening

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Resolutions are the sign that we are ready to live our lives in a new way. The world commonly believes that thinking, planning, and doing are very important. And they certainly are important for getting things done in a linear way. But a better idea for connecting with ourselves and our joy is stopping, being, and listening. This leads to insight, clarity, and inspiration.

The first law of Love is to listen. If we ever go to that place of stillness, out of it everything comes. The uncreated creativity, the creative possibility of the individual out of the uncreated, the voice that is not spoken yet is ready to articulate.

We are given a new name written on a white stone. A new name. A new nature. We are free. Nothing is holding us back from our good. As we receive this new name, we may ask ourselves these questions: What is ours to do? What have we come here, at this point in time, to be? What is the quality we are here to express more of?