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Spiral Dynamics - Shifting Paradigms

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Continuing his teaching on the Spiral Dynamics framework of human evolution and change, Dr. Patrick discusses the mechanisms behind the emergence of a new paradigm.

Each paradigm shift is a reactive, adaptive response to the inadequacies of the previous world view. Namely, our move from survival to shamanic thinking, to tribalism, to individual warrior consciousness, to the rule of law, to innovation and democracy, to meaning and balance, etc.

First-Tier thinking is about sourcing our well-being and comfort from outside of ourselves. The Second Tier is where we can appreciate healthy aspects of each perspective and find ways to communicate with all the world views, regardless of whether we agree with their actions or not.

It is about growing up and waking up. Growing up is when we stop being a victim. Waking up is when we begin to recognize the One Life that is All.