The Shadow

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Carl Jung was guided by four key principles in his teaching and life work:

  1. We need to become our complete selves to live as whole human beings.
  2. The complete self lives naturally in two worlds: the outer materialistic one and the inner spiritual one.
  3. The Spiritual Source of Life needs humanity to mirror Its creation in consciousness and help It evolve further.
  4. The whole human being is open to the Divine as co-creator.

Ernest Holmes wrote, "There is an infinite, creative Intelligence which creates all things by imparting of Itself to become that which is created. This Creative Cause is an indivisible unity."

Shadow work is an imperative part of the spiritual path. We must own our own shadow.

We can learn the power of waiting while others do their shadow work. By not protesting or denying a situation, we can leave enough room for people to work out their problems among themselves. Such things can only be accomplished if our own shadow is reasonably well in-hand and we are not tempted to plan our own retaliation. We are advised to love our enemies, but this is not possible when the inner enemy---our own shadow---is waiting to pounce and make the most of an incendiary situation. If we can learn to love the inner enemy, then there is a chance of loving and redeeming the outer one.