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Right Here, Right Now, Right Where I Am, I Pray

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We tend to look at prayer as an isolated activity---a tool, a quick fix, or an emergency manoeuvre. We think it's something we do one time and it's done. But that's not how life works. Whether we realize it or not, we are praying continually. Every thought is a prayer, and our thoughts are shaped by our beliefs. We all have beliefs, and what we believe about our lives is what keeps showing up. Our beliefs can add to our life, or limit it. They narrow, guide, expand, limit, and eliminate the happiness in our lives.

When we use affirmative prayer, we want to pray using words that the Universe can say a resounding YES to! Ernest Holmes said, "Feel the prayer. What does conviction about what you are praying for feel like? Faith has a feeling tone. Abundance has a feeling tone. Love has a feeling tone. Feel your prayer. Keep feeling it after the prayer is spoken. Be your prayer. Feel it."