Our Superpower is Love

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"Man re-enacts the nature of God." -- Dr. Ernest Holmes

After the dark night of the soul, we are broken open, and we learn a lot about ourselves. But we can only go so far with our intellect, and then we need to open our hearts. Our ego mind can spin a story of separation, of aloneness, but the heart tells a different story.

Jesus spoke of God as a Father, but God is also a Mother. The father is the activity, the light, the thinking, the electricity. The mother is the love, the magnetism, the bonding, the attraction; Mother-Love brings order to chaos. In the Law of Attraction, the thought (Father) is where it starts, but the magnetism (Mother) brings the experience to us. It is electro-magnetism.

We are creations of the I Am Presence; we have incarnated and are plugged into the Cosmic Lattice. Our thoughts activate love. We are all superheroes because we love---and our superpower is love.