The Longing of the Soul

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We are all on a soul's journey. So much of our growth happens in our heads, we forget that we need to take action as well---it all works together. Contributing to the world around us is the culmination of our growth.

3 key points:

  • Longing---Longing is the soul's language. When we trust the invisible then our longing has purpose. It changes from desperate longing to assured longing.
  • Grace---Grace is that unseen force that helps us and allows us to change the course we're on at any time, to change our path and our karma.
  • The Gift---Be a gift to others. Thach Nguyen uses these 4 steps: Connect deeply. Ask questions about the person you're with. Contribute on the spot. Watch the miracles happen.

Deepak Chopra's book: How to Know God