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Healing Together

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What is a miracle? According to Einstein, a miracle is "spooky action at a distance".

Virtual entanglement: We are connected whether we realize it or not. For every action that we take, even if no one witnesses it, it matters. Every action matters.

Caring for one another is caring for ourselves. Praying for one another takes us out of the spin of ourselves. There is miraculous power that we hold inside to heal our own lives that gets unleashed ironically the moment we stop thinking about ourselves. Our internal state is very important in this process. When we hold an intention---the perceiving power of the mind---and link it with kindness and caring, we access the ability to shape substance. And when we get out of our stuff---and with altruism, compassion, and genuine concern for another---when we get into that space and send others positive intention, we open the door to healing, both ours and theirs.

Miracles abound in this story of inter-being.