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Healing Through a Relationship with the Divine Mystery

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Our founder Dr. Holmes said, "We need not be superstitious to be spiritually minded. Spiritual mindedness is a persistent and consistent attempt to feel the Divine everywhere, and in all things, and it is the capacity not only to believe in but also to perceive, to feel, and to react to a Unitary Wholeness, in essence an Infinite Personalness, a Beauty, a Love, and I also believe, a Laughter which exists in the universe. The Ultimate Reality, spirituality is normal, natural, spontaneous, effervescent, never difficult, and never withholding."

God is the Thing Itself. Chiropractor and author Joe Dispenza met It when he was injured in a bicycle race and shattered several vertebrae. Rather than undergo the recommended but immobilizing surgery, Joe developed a relationship with the Infinite and healed himself through the power of his mind. He visualized healthy vertebrae, and through God, his body healed itself.

Note: The thumping noise heard in the recording is two large staffs, like Gandalf the Wizard uses in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.