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The Gift You Are

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Invoked or not, God is present.

We are about moving into leadership in a way that is powerful, that is spiritual. We are here, taking a stand, making a declaration to create a new reality, to move from resignation to new possibility. We need to learn to internalize our capacity for moving from resignation to new possibility. This is the soul experience. It is spiritual because it has to do with the human heart.

Our soul connects us at depth. It is a deep experience of oneness. We must observe the soul. To watch it, to keep an eye on it, to observe it as a spiritual advent. The soul always looks like our latest addiction, our latest obsession. But what is driving the problem?

Let us take interest in our soul. Let us invite it. Our soul craves expression. What is here for us today? What is ours to do? What is ours to put down?