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The Gift of Resiliency

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Those who cannot change their thoughts cannot change anything. -- George Bernard Shaw

The ones who think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones that do. -- Steve Jobs

We are crazy enough to believe in the unitive field of oneness. We are crazy enough to believe that we are all connected.

We shift consciousness by not engaging in the language and behaviour of separateness or fear. Matt Damon said, "Please find what you can do to make a difference." Learn something, and then share it with someone else.

Zig Ziglar said this, "We are what we are and we are where we are because of what has gone into our mind. And the way we change who we are and where we are is by what goes into our mind." Act as if. Act as if it already is. In other words, we fake it till we make it. When we act as if we have the power, the Universe will take us at our word.

Every great dream starts with a dreamer. And every great dreamer has spent time sitting still. It is the practice of anchoring ourselves in ourselves wherever we are. When we are grounded in the truth of our being, we create a field of possibility.

There is One Mind common to all people. This Mind is perfect. And we have access to this Mind. The Science with which we are to practice is based on the theory that there is a Universal Mind and an Eternal Spirit from which all things spring. The Spirit is the creator and the sustainer of all that is. We have immediate access to this Divine Mind, this Universal Principle, this Creative Power. Humanity has access to the Great Whole and draws as much power from this source as we are capable of intelligently using. -- Ernest Holmes