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Easter for Metaphysicians

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How do we do Easter as metaphysicians? We interpret scripture metaphorically and metaphysically. There is a meaning upon the words.

It's all Spirit, it's all God. In this dualistic world that we fall asleep in, what is happening is that this Icon, this Idea, is giving Itself to the world to bring forth the light of Radiance into the world and to reveal that nothing is separate from Divinity.

Jesus' story of death and resurrection is a story of new orientation. When the self has been annihilated and drops away, we witness a resurrection, we realize a new orientation. We are no longer the centre of our own individual lives.

Easter is a wonderful metaphor about living from the Christed consciousness. As Dr. Ernest Holmes said, "Jesus was not the great exception---he was the great example. And as the human gives way to the Divine, in all people, they become the Christ."