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Mother's Day

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Our hearts long for the sacred. Mother's Day is about giving birth. What are we giving birth to this day?

Cicero taught the six habits of thinking that keep us prisoners of ever-shrinking living. We get attached to our stories and it creates the life we have. The first illusion is that personal gain is made up of crushing others, which arises out of a fear of scarcity and death. But what is unlimited is compassion, worth, and acceptance.

The second illusion is the tendency to worry about things that cannot be changed or corrected. This reflects a lack of faith in the stream of life and leads to a negative self-centredness.

Meditation and prayer is a hammock that can hold us in the present moment.

In his essay "Prayer and Prosper", Ernest Holmes wrote the following about prayer. "Not much speaking but deep feeling. It is not because of much speaking that we are heard, but rather because of deep earnest and prayerful acceptance. In this divine communion, we should not try to think out beforehand what words we are going to use. No, our words should be the outcome of a deep inner conviction which goes beyond words but which, at the same time, gives birth to them. Instead of listening to what we are saying we should say what we are listening to."