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"Best of" the Podcasts

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New to the podcast? Feeling a little uncertain as to which one to listen to first? Here are a few suggestions of great talks that are introductory to our beliefs, or just some of our favourites!

The Realms of Consciousness

In the Kingdom within, we are powerful. The powerful part of us loves new things, loves challenges, loves exercise, connecting with other people, checking off goals, taking action, heading somewhere, talking out loud. It wants to grow, to move, to expand. This power within us is constantly seeking a greater expression of life, of the Divine.

We move beyond "stuck" by taking action. It is a matter of action vs. feeling, of having discipline and devotion. Action becomes its own reward. Action unites our body and our mind. [original date: May 03, 2015] Listen here

Spiritual Makeover: Part 1

Our lives are either an expression of our spiritual magnificence or a reflection of our unhealed past. Do we consider ourselves a "finished product" or in the process of a makeover? Daniel Pink's book, Drive suggests three areas to focus on:

Automony -- to direct our own lives

Mastery -- to desire to get better and better at what we do

Purpose -- to be in service to something larger than ourselves.

In speaking to author Chip Conley, the 17-year old king of Bhutan said that they don't measure Gross Domestic Product. They measure Gross National Happiness. He said "we cannot create happiness for one other. We create the conditions for happiness to occur." Rev. Patrick concludes with a quote from Robert F. Kennedy. [original date: Oct 2, 2011] Listen here

Awakening Joy

Presentation by Rev. Connie Nissen

Joy is an inside job! It isn't just a collection of happy moments; joy can even come through some of our saddest and most difficult times. Joy is our inheritance, but to be "invited to the joy party," we have to live in the present and be willing to leave behind our fears and insecurities. We need only take a bold step towards joy, and to bring our whole selves "to the party."

"Life is infinite energy coupled with limitless creative imagination. It is the invisible essence and substance of every invisible form. Its nature is goodness, truth, wisdom, and beauty, as well as energy and imagination. Our highest satisfaction comes from a sense of conscious union with this invisible life. All human endeavour is an attempt to get back the first principles, to find such an inward wholeness that all sense of fear, doubt, and uncertainty vanishes." -- Ernest Holmes

YouTube video: Diane Nyad: Never, Ever Give Up [original date: December 14, 2014] Listen here

Building a Bigger Boat

Since the best talks are lived, not preached, Rev. Catherine McLeod shares stories from her life, and the ways that life is stretching her to grow. She is currently learning ways to build a bigger boat:

  • Be mindful—This is compassion and awareness. Awareness of our feelings and our responses to things.

  • Stay open—Open to messages that don't fit with our current model of the world.

  • Treat everything and everyone as a teacher.

[original date: September 26, 2010] Listen here

All You Need is Love

Love. Everyone has a different definition of love. It is true "all you need is love?" Love is extremely important, but we also need faith, fun, joy, and celebration!

We cannot talk about love without talking about suffering, for both lead us to give up control. The buddha said that suffering is clinging. If we cling to something we take to be true, when Truth knocks on our door, we won't open it.

Richard Rohr in The Naked Now says that suffering is simply having the experience of something we cannot control. "Great love and great suffering are the tools from a fear-based life to a love-based life." - Richard Rohr. If we have great fear and we can't transform it, we end up transmitting it to others. [original date: Feb 5, 2012] Listen here

Love as a Path of Awakening

Sometimes things fall apart because something new is seeking expression. The truth of our being is eternal, but we do fall off the rails sometimes. We fall into the trap of looking outside ourselves for happiness, for God, or for someone to change the world. It is not outside us; it is within. We create happiness within. God is within. And only within will we find the power to change the world.

Our thought is creative, but in our ignorance, we use it destructively. Do we consider the existence of evil, or is it simply the misuse of good? Love overcomes both hate and fear.

Celebration of life is in youth, to be undaunted by the challenges of life, to live in the wonder and the joy. We are as young as our faith and as old as our doubt, as young as our confidence and as old as our fear, as young as our hopes and as old as our despair.

The challenge is to be true to ourselves. Stop trying to be somebody else. Be you. Don't change so others like you. Be your true self, so the right ones will celebrate the true you. Love yourself as a divine expression of love. [Original date: July 14, 2013] Listen here

The Great Secret of Life

Rev. Patrick introduces the new book of the month, Ernest Holmes' This Thing Called Life. He teaches three pieces of wisdom:

1. There is one God, common to all, in and through all of us.
2. There is a universe that responds with mechanical regularity to the spontaneity of our thoughts.
3. The eleventh commandment: Thou shalt love one another as I have loved you.

One of Carolyn Myss' books, Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul, talks of how we sometimes avoid meeting God/Spirit because it makes life much more uncomfortable. We might not feel like we are ready to be fully conscious. What does being conscious mean? To be unconscious is to pretend to be unaware of the consequences of our actions, and the incongruency with our beliefs. Yet we may feel overwhelmed at the idea of living a fully conscious life. What can we do? Just practice. There is nothing to fear. Just step in; we are all interconnected.

Rev. Patrick ends the message with a powerful story about his father. It reminds us that we are all accountable to the generations before us, our ancestors who brought us here, to do our best to reach our soul's purpose, to live a deeper experience and to help others. [original date: April 11, 2010] Listen here

The White Stone Ceremony

The White Stone Ceremony allows us to slow down, focus, and crystallize our goals, desires, and the direction we wish to take for the coming year. Our thoughts can be so nebulous, but when we are able to put them in writing, we achieve a greater clarity. The White Stone Ceremony takes its origins from the white stones—clean slates—that were given to Roman prisoners upon their release, symbolizing their freedom and their entitlement to every good thing granted to ordinary citizens. [Original date: January 29, 2012] Listen here


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